Nine Steps to Forgiveness

A Dialogue with Frederic Luskin

Saturday, July 25, 10:00 a.m. - 12 Noon.
Kellogg West Conference Center, Auditorium, Cal Poly Pomona
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Dialogue Description

Dr. Luskin will present an overview of his 9 steps to forgiveness derived from the Stanford Forgiveness Project. Forgiveness is a practice that has emerged from the teachings of all the major religious traditions of the world.  The importance of practicing forgiveness has been extolled for centuries, but only in the past fifteen years has research shown that forgiveness has a role in the creation and promotion of health. 

Based on his research, Dr. Luskin will share his findings that forgiveness leads to increased hope, greater self–efficacy, better appreciation of the spiritual aspects of life and reduces anger, stress, hurt and blood pressure.  

Frederic Luskin is the Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project. He is a senior Consultant in Health Promotion at Stanford and an Associate Professor at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He has completed 10 successful research projects on the training and measurement of forgiveness therapy.

On three occasions he has successfully worked with men and women from both sides of the violence in Northern Ireland who have had family members killed. In addition he worked with seven different groups of financial advisors after the stock market crash of 2000 to enhance their conflict resolution and stress management skills. The advisors in his groups show over the course of a year a 25% reduction in stress and a 20% increase in sales. Currently Dr. Luskin also serves as the Co-Chair of the Garden of Forgiveness Project at Ground Zero in Manhattan.

Dr. Luskin is the author of the San Francisco Bay Area best sellers Forgive for Good, Forgive for Love, and Stress Free for Good. Dr. Luskin’s work has been featured in Time Magazine, Ladies Home Journal , U.S. News and World Reports, Parade, Prevention, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, U.S.A. Today and the Wall Street Journal. In addition The Public Broadcasting System has made a pledge drive video of his teaching called Forgive for Good.

Frederick Luskin

Event is free. RSVP by July 20.

For more information, contact: Professor Tara Sethia, Director, Ahimsa Center
(909) 869-3868 or

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