Ahimsa Center presents

Randall Amster

Monday, May 3, 1:00-2:15 p.m. PST (3:00 -4:15 p.m. CST; 4:00-5:15 p.m. EST)

Digital Nonviolence

Technology has a unique capacity to offer a sense of greater connection, even as its actual workings may yield deeper forms of dislocation and alienation. While the marketing of new tech often highlights the potential for enhanced mobility, access, equity, and opportunity, the emerging evidence on the full range of impacts is beginning to tell another story. How can we collectively repurpose emerging technologies to activate the positive potentials and minimize the negative ones? In a wired world, we need the core tenets of nonviolence to be a new source code and go viral.

The talk will be followed by Q & A and dialogue with the Speaker.

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Randall Amster, J.D., Ph.D., is Co-Director and Teaching Professor of Environmental Studies at Georgetown University. He teaches and publishes on subjects including peace and nonviolence, social and environmental justice, political theory, and emerging technologies; serves on the editorial board of numerous academic journals; and writes for a wide range of popular and scholarly publications. His research interests include environmental peacebuilding, climate justice, intersectionality and ecology, community and sustainability, and the justice implications of contemporary technology. His most recent books are Peace Ecology (2015) and, Exploring the Power of Nonviolence (2013).

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Contact: ahimsacenter@cpp.edu