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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the professional society for the field of aerospace engineering. AIAA has recognized that the U.S. aerospace industry is facing a rapidly aging workforce, and recently has begun pushing to recruit new students to the field. Student Branches tend to be on the front lines of this task, with many Sections offering funding or incentives for their Student Branches to increase membership. AIAA currently has over 6,500 student members.AIAA currently has over 160 active student branches, including 12 foreign student branches, with a total active membership of over 6,500 students worldwide.

Upcoming Events

25 February

AIAA Glider Competition Build day in room 13 1229 at 10am. Entry fees are due!

04 March

AIAA Glider Competition in the Engineering Meadow at 10am.

16 March

Movie Night! Location TBD at 9pm