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All earnings go to the "Out–Laws of Physics (OoPs) Scholarship Fund" in the Cal Poly Pomona Physics Department.

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More Cowbell!!!

OoPs performing at "The Press Restaurant," Claremont, 25 November 2006
(John Hadden)
Bass Guitar
(John Mallinckrodt)
Lead Guitar
(Jolene Houser)
Lead Vocals and Guitar
(Harvey Leff)
(John Jewett)

Announcing the release of our first CD:

"The Out-Laws of Physics, Live!"  

Twenty tunes recorded at various gigs
in the Inland Empire and Orange County

Listen to the album sampler

"The Out-Laws of Physics, Live!" CD is available only as a gift in return for tax-deductible donations to the "Out-Laws of Physics Scholarship Fund" in the Cal Poly Pomona Physics Department. The suggested donation is $15. Send checks (made out to "Out-Laws of Physics Scholarship Fund, Cal Poly Pomona") and your return address to

Professor John "Slo" Mallinckrodt
Physics Department
Cal Poly Pomona
Pomona, CA 91768

More Sound Samples

Slow Down (Larry Williams, Live at the Upland Lemon Festival, 26 April 2009)
Lesson in Leavin' (Brent Maher and Randy Goodrum, Live at the Upland Lemon Festival, 26 April 2009)
Physics Department Mama (Words by Harvey "Styx" Leff, Music by John "Slo" Mallinckrodt, recorded in Styx' dining room on 11 July 2006 by the Out–Laws of Physics)
[Note: "Physics Department Mama" is the Out–Laws of Physics' only original tune and was written in honor of former department secretary, Beverly Schuster, who retired in 2006 after 34 years of mind-bogglingly committed service to the department's faculty, staff, and students. Beverly is the Physics Department Mama.]

More Pics of OoPs

OoPs performing at the Upland Lemon Festival, 26 April 2009

The Press Restaurant

Cal Poly Pomona Faculty Day


The “Invaders
(performing in our parents' living rooms circa 1965-67)

Bryce Shirley: Rhythm Guitar
Wayne Winterbourne: Drums
Tom Wieland: Bass Guitar
Me: Lead Guitar

The original lineup (Bryce, Wayne, and John)
Tom joins on bass (and check out the cool logo!)

Barr Sinister
performing in our parents' living rooms circa 1967-69

Mike Boeck: Bass Guitar
Me: Guitar
Bob Mann: Drums
Rick ??: Keyboard (except we used to just call it an "organ")

Mike, John, Bob, and Rick
Practice Sheet


Ken Deroche : Guitar
Me: Guitar
John Hadden: Bass Guitar
Paul Ripley: Drums

Vishnu at "The Woodshed"
Minocqua, Wisconsin— Summer 1970
Killing them softly
4th of July Parade—Minocqua, Wisconsin
Loveland Pass, Colorado (Album Cover?)

Late 70's-Early 80's

Abe Taylor: Guitar
Ken Emerick: Bass Guitar
Chris Wolcott: Drums
Conan Dunham: Vocals
Me: Guitar

Abe, Ken, Chris, Conan, John
(The band for Conan III, A Sure Thing)

Conan video featuring music recorded in my "Attic Sound Lab"

News Flash!! August 2009!!

Conan's Back!

Information about recent sightings and
the compilation album is available at

Also listen to a snippet of "Circle of the Fool" from Conan III: A Sure Thing and included on Conan's Back

Mike Johnson and Friends” sometimes AKA "Skids"
Late 70's-Early 80's
No Pics! Help

Mike Johnson : Acoustic Guitar and vocals
Me: Electric Guitar
John Gonder: Mandolin, Piano
Dennis White: Mandolin, Guitar
Willow van den Hoek: Backing vocals
Others ...

A side: "Fire in Topanga" B side: "California Gray"

Other music that I have made or helped to make
(.mp3 format—mostly kind of low res to save space and bandwidth)
A very short triple-tracked piece performed on an alto recorder. I just think it’s kinda purty.

In the early 1980's I applied for a job with Professor David Goodstein at Caltech to help produce the "Mechanical Universe" series. I was one of several finalists for the position and I really wanted the job, so I composed and recorded this piece as a suggested theme song hoping it would demonstrate my “double threat” capability as a musician and a physicist.
I didn't get the job.

A cover version of the Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac classic. Recorded with my friend John Hadden who graded my physics homework when he and I were students at Harvey Mudd College and who played bass in our band “Vishnu” and its disreputable but occasionally star-studded post-baccalaureate remains, “Buffalo Springsteen.” Hadden now plays bass with the Out-Laws of Physics (see top of page.)
One of my first totally solo efforts recorded in 1980 in the 8-track bedroom studio that I installed in the attic of a beautiful old house in Berkeley that had been featured a few years earlier in a Life Magazine cover article. Intended for an album I never finished.
Another solo tune for the album that never was. Kinda “Ricky Nelson à la Led Zeppelin.”
Like synthesizers? You may change your mind after listening to this over-the-top piece that I put together using my Sequential Circuits Prophet-5.
A song I used to perform in a country rock group led by a fellow named Mike Johnson (not this Mike Johnson.) (Hey, Mike; get in touch with me if you see this.) He and I recorded this version at the Sausalito “Record Plant” where I was working weekends as a technician in the late 70's. Mike played acoustic guitar and sang the lead vocals. I played all the other instruments, programmed the drum machine, sang the backup parts, and did the engineering.

Another song written by my Mike Johnson (and, I assume, copyrighted under his "Barbequed Records" label) and recorded at various studios in the East Bay area including my own around 1982. I hesitated for several years to put this one up for fear of stepping on his toes, but I have recently learned that he is, sadly, no longer with us andI hope this will serve as some kind of minor monument to his musical legacy. I love this song like to think my guitar playing on this one is at least a little bit Mark Knopfler-esque. I can't remember many other details, but I think it features John Gonder (of the 70's-80's era "Back Up & Push") on piano and drums. Also heard on this tune is Willow van den Hoek (with whom I reconnected in 2009.

A snippet of a song written by my friend Conan and recorded at the “Attic Sound Lab” (my attic recording studio) for the album Conan III in the early 80's. Conan wrote and sang the song. I played all the instruments, programmed the drum machine, and did the engineering.

I reestablished contact with Conan in February 2006 and he has recently (August 2009) released a new album, "Conan's Back" (see above), that includes this tune. See the Conan's Back website for more details.

One of several songs written and recorded by my Attic "client" and friend, Shadee Rashada, and included here with his permission. Shadee played and sang all parts except for the lead guitar, which I added. I reestablished contact with Shadee in December 2003. Check out Shadee's website for samples of his recent work.
Other Stuff??
I have other music from some of my old “Attic Sound Lab” clients that I would love to put up here, but I feel like I ought to get permission first. So, Sam Bostic, Billy Keener, Edward Joseph, others: Send me email. Let me know where you are and what you're up to these days.

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