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Questions? Comments? Want to take part? Get in touch using the e-mails below.

  • Emma Gibson - Inquiries regarding participation, assistance locating affordable resources and free digital tools.
    Phone: 909-869-4351

  • Leslie Jones - Assistance placing materials in the Library's Reserve or eReserves collection.
    Phone: 909-869-4212

  • Gently Ang – Assistance with ensuring the accessibility of materials to students with disabilities.
    Phone: 909-869-3634

  • Ruth Guthrie – California OER Council member.
    Phone: 909-869-4958

  • April Dawn - Assistance with media production, Blackboard, and instructional design services.
    Phone: 909-869-6307

  • Suzanne Donnelly - Rental textbooks, low-cost digital textbooks, course materials/textbook requisitions due dates, custom publishing options and copyright clearance service.
    Phone: 909-869-3284

  • Erick Zelaya - Assistance with linking to ebooks, chapters of ebooks, journal articles, and other electronic resources.
    Phone: 909-869-6409