Course Materials/Textbook Requisitions Due Dates for Bookstore

Another way to support the Affordable Learning Solutions project is your attention to the
textbook requisitions due dates. Submitting these on time will enable the bookstore to
provide students with a variety of alternatives such as buyback, used books, rentals, etc.


  • Regular Winter quarter bookstore hours January 12- March 20 
    M-Th 8:00am-6:30pm, F 9am-4:30pm
  • January 13 - March 27 Textbook shelves limited to “clerk service” access
  • January 30 - Spring Requisitions Due Date
  • January 30 - Textbook department closed for inventory, no textbook sales that day
  • March 12 - 20  Winter quarter closing buyback
  • March 20 - Last day for students to return Winter rental textbooks

We appreciate your efforts to comply with these due dates. Our goal is to have our booklist ready by the time registration starts for each quarter, and have most of our shipments received before finals week of the prior quarter.

Timely textbook information for each quarter is also critical for the Disability Resource Center to process alternate media requests for students who have difficulty using traditional printed materials. Typical turn-around for alternate media conversion of textbooks is 4-6 weeks - late faculty orders have a significant negative impact on student learning outcomes for these students.

Procedure for Timely Course Materials Requisitions