Library eBook Resources and Printing Instructions

The Cal Poly Pomona Library provides access to several ebook collections. Below are the printing stipulations for the various resources. This information is referenced by the ebook sites directly. If you have any further questions you may click on the links provided or search manually by clicking on the e-Book site name.

ACLS Humanities E-Book
Over 3000 titles from learned societies. This humanities collection has expanded to include works in anthropology, linguistics, film and media studies, as well as sociology and philosophy.

For personal research purposes only you may view and print out three pages at a time following the ACLS Humanities E-book policies.
For more information:

The CPP Library subscribes to the ebrary Computers & IT Collection. The ebooks in this collection have multi-user access.
We have also purchased additional ebrary books in a wide variety of subjects. Most of these purchased ebooks have single
user access.

Ebrary allows you to view download and print documents of up to 60 pages at a time. All of the copied and printed pages you receive will include a bibliographic citation along with the specified URL from the e-book page you retained the printed information from.

To print:

• Click the “InfoTools” button on the left above the article
• Click Print
• “Page Range” box appears with the page number of the current page automatically shown. Add the end page number. Note: the number on the page is not the page number to be printed. Use the number in the “pages from” box to determine the number.
• You will see a message saying “Retrieving page …” and “Starting print dialog …”. When the Print Dialog box appears click “OK”.

For more information about printing see:

EBSCO eBooks
Formerly called NetLibrary, the EBSCO eBooks collection includes over 8,000 electronic books covering a range of academic
topics. Many ebooks in this collection have single user licenses.

To print you must use the print icon on the right side of the screen. The printing panel is now displayed at the top with the message stating the number of pages that can be printed. For more information:  

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Encyclopedias and other reference works.

All book chapters or articles from the Gale Virtual Reference Library are available as PDFs, which you can print or download. These options are available on the right side of the screen under “Tools”, after you select the chapter.

IEEE-Wiley eBook Library
Electronic editions of over 400 books from this major sci-tech publisher. This collection is on the IEEE Xplore platform. 

The IEEE-Wiley eBook Library uses Adobe Acrobat Reader for students to view the full document. With the IEEE-Wiley eBook Library you are able to print full documents or selected pages at a time.

A collection of engineering handbooks and references sources in the following subject areas: civil engineering & construction
materials, electrical & power engineering, and mechanics & mechanical engineering. Features include full text searching and
interactive tables and graphs.

Knovel will allow you to print different text from their site including periodic tables; however when printing periodic tables it may also print watermarked text underneath which should be changed before printing. To fix the watermark smearing the underlying text click on the link listed below.  Click for more information.

Safari Books Online
Over 4000 ebooks with a subject focus of information technology, computing, and networking. Be aware that books are dropped
from the Safari collection after about four years.
This is a CSU wide license and we have no local control over the content.

The Safari Books Online enables you to print individual pages at a time. You cannot print the complete content from a book nor share the documents. If you do not abide by the Safari Books Online terms of Service your account will be no longer active.
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Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science
A collection of short (50-100 pages) books or "lectures”. Each synthesizes an important research or development topic. Subject
coverage is broader than the collection title suggests and includes books on management and entrepreneurship and engineers,
technology, and society.

The Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science site allows students to view, download and print lectures from their Morgan & Claypool Online Bookstore. The Synthesis Digital Library allows you to print 60 pages maximum at a given time.
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