Faculty Stories: Renford Reese, Ph.D.

Renford Reese Ph.D. My aim is to give students access to a wealth of free academic content

Title: Professor
Department: Political Science
Office: 94-311
Phone: 909-869-6995
Email: rrreese@cpp.edu

Course: PLS 201 - Introduction to American Government
Required Textbook: Dynamics of Democracy, by Squire, 4-6th Editions
Author(s): Squire, Peverill
ISBN10: 1424080428      ISBN13: 9781424080427
Accessed electronically at: http://www.cengagebrain.com

Course: PLS 315 – The Politics of the Public Policy Process
Required Textbook:
Use of case studies, etc. (and other materials available from his webpage)

Course: PLS 382 – Politics, Policies, Pop Culture
Required Textbook:

Film reviews (and other materials available from his webpage)

Dr. Reese comments:
This is exactly what I do for my students e.g. provide them with "Affordable Learning Solutions". I do this primarily through giving them access to e-books, creating classpacks, and guiding them to external internet links. I also provide an array of alternative learning material on my website. My "Student Resource" web page includes the following links for students: "Careers in the Public Sector," "State and Local Government Jobs," "Careers in Non-Profits," "Working Abroad," "Graduate Programs," "How to Cite Sources for Papers," "What is Plagiarism?" There is also a streaming archive of educational videos that students can watch from the Prison Race interview series to footage on Study Abroad opportunities. All students in my classes have Colorful Flags "Cultural Learning" sessions. In this context, they have access to the Colorful Flags program via: ColorfulFlags.org In my "Politics, Policies, Pop Culture," class students produce short films in groups. The three best films selected by the students are then streamed on my website for future students to watch. Each student project that my students participate in is documented via video and then it is encoded and streamed on my website. My aim is to give students access to a wealth of free academic content. In this day of shrinking budgets and increased tuition, students desperately need "Affordable Learning Solutions." http://www.RenfordReese.com