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Current (Winter 2017) Classes

All Classes I have taught

  • Physics 121L (First quarter College Physics Lab)
  • Physics 123L (Third quarter College Physics Lab)
  • Physics 131 (First quarter General Physics)
  • Physics 131L (First quarter General Physics Lab)
  • Physics 132 (Second quarter General Physics)
  • Physics 132L (Second quarter General Physics Lab)
  • Physics 133 (Third quarter General Physics)
  • Physics 133L (Third quarter General Physics Lab)
  • Physics 234 (Introduction to Electromagnetic Radiation and Special Relativity)
  • Physics 299 (Recitation for Physics 131)
  • Physics 303/H (The Universe in Ten Weeks)
  • Physics 401 (First quarter Quantum Physics)
  • Physics 402 (Second quarter Quantum Physics)
  • Physics 424/H (Astrophysics)
  • Physics 499-GRE (GRE prep)
  • Science 210 (Physics Concepts and Activities for Future Elementary School Teachers)

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