William Bissic '11, Music Industry Studies

William Bissic

William Bissic doesn’t do it for the fame, and he doesn’t do it for the fortune.

He does it because he loves it.

“I feel like it’s what I was put on Earth to do,” Bissic says. “I share my art and bring the creativity out of people. The biggest focus for me is helping others become the best artist they can be.”

Bissic, who goes by the stage name MC Prototype, has paved his own creative path as a music engineer, producer and poet for roughly a decade.

But when he’s not in the studio or performing, he’s leading workshops and building toward his future endeavor: teaching the craft in the classroom and helping artists achieve their dreams.

It’s a passion for mentorship that brought the Cal Poly Pomona alumnus back to campus for the annual Songwriting Summit, a master class where songwriters and producers work directly with students in the music department.

Bissic was among a panel of industry experts who provided insight into composition and production.

A graduate of the music industry studies program in 2011, it wasn’t all that long ago that Bissic was showcasing his own creations on campus and at local venues and major events.

Bissic’s background in music began late in high school when he would sit in on rap circles during lunch. Admittedly shy, it took some time for him to warm up to performing.

“Every once in a while I would join in on these cyphers and pretend like I was freestyling, but it was definitely stuff I wrote in third period,” Bissic says. “That’s about the time in my life I was bit by the bug.”

By the time Bissic was 22, he had already opened his own studio in Ontario. That’s when “The Prototype” was born.

“I was really into spoken word, poetry and production,” Bissic says. “The Prototype was the embodiment of the three different sides of me: engineer, producer and poet.”

Bissic also was instrumental in launching a venue in Ontario for artists. A few years later, he would relocate and build a second studio and open a venue in downtown Pomona.

In 2009, Bissic was enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona and seeking a way to distinguish The Prototype as a serious contender in the local hip-hop scene. So “The” was replaced with “MC,” and the rest was history.

MC Prototype would go on to be the first artist to successfully campaign to perform at Paid Dues, a major independent hip-hop festival in the region. He would also produce an extensive list of musical releases – and it’s one that continues to grow.  

Bissic builds on things that have happened in his life and things that have happened to others. It’s the driving force in his work.

“I’m not able to just sit down and write,” Bissic says. “Something dramatic has to happen in my life, good or bad, for me to be inspired.”

These elements are also prominent in his poetry, which he brings to life on stage as a slam poet.

For Bissic, it’s not just about what someone is trying to say, it’s also how they convey it.

 “I like to make sure that the artists that I work with have the confidence and demand attention,” Bissic says. “My focus is 40 percent writing and 60 percent showmanship and performance.”

Today, Bissic is enrolled in a master’s of arts and education program. He plans to teach writing one day, and hopes to inspire future students with his passion for poetry and music.

He remains active in his home studio and on stage while balancing family life.

Even with his tight schedule, however, he still finds time to visit the campus.

“Cal Poly Pomona has been good to me,” Bissic says. “It was such an instrumental time in my life, where I grew so much as an artist and a businessman. I wouldn’t be in the position I was in if it weren’t for Cal Poly Pomona, so I have to give back.”