Johndaniel Morales '14, International Business and Marketing

Johndaniel MoralesHe’s been ASI Attorney General … involved in 18 business clubs … chair of an entrepreneurship group ... a commencement volunteer... a double major while holding two jobs.

Johndaniel Morales calls himself an addict to being involved.

“A lot of people ask when I study,” he says. “It’s usually when they’re sleeping.”

After receiving his degree in international business and marketing at commencement in June, he is taking the first steps toward his new life, with a job as a marketing brand analyst for Safeway Corp. in Pleasanton, Calif.

Morales is moving out of Southern California for the first time and is enthusiastic about his new beginning.

“I told the interviewer honestly that the job was the only position that I wanted to do in life.”

With a resume boasting multiple positions on campus, including vice president of information for the United Business Student Senate, ASI attorney general and competition chair of the entrepreneurship club Enactus, Morales knew that being engaged was the key to his success.

“If you like to be involved and like to make a difference, it will never be easier than on a college campus, especially at Cal Poly Pomona.” Of all the clubs he’s joined, he says Enactus stands out.

“Enactus creates an annual report that measures the impact of their projects,” Morales says. “I had never seen that in a club before — actually trying to measure their impact afterward.”

Morales kept his GPA above a 3.0, but he understands that in today’s market, it’s more than just the GPA. His work in ASI allowed him to learn from President Christine Hall and administrative assistant Vicki Jackson.

“Christine is so dedicated, she’s really amazing,” he says. “Vicki gives a lot of students guidance. She doesn’t tell you what to do, but she helps you figure it out yourself.”

Morales says he has simple yet important advice for students: Show up and make a difference.

“I believe in two things: collaboration and working for a cause bigger than yourself. Volunteering and being involved are the simplest ways to do this. It’s a simple decision, because it makes college fun and gives you experience, and you make friends.”