Student Alumni Association


GradsThe Cal Poly Pomona Student Alumni Association (S.A.A.) was founded under the direction of the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association for the purpose of serving as a bridge to all Cal Poly Pomona students - past, present and future. The organization shall be committed to keeping alumni in touch with campus life and assist current students in understanding their role as future alumni, and create a sense of commitment to their alma mater, Cal Poly Pomona.


The mission of the Cal Poly Pomona Student Alumni Association (S.A.A.) is to serve as a bridge, and promote interaction, between all past and present students. In addition, our mission will encompass:

  • Keeping the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association under whose direction the S.A.A. was founded, aware of campus developments which could serve as viable links between the alumni of today and tomorrow
  • Providing programs of direct benefit to students, alumni and the university community
  • Instilling a sense of tradition, loyalty, and pride that will motivate current students to become active alumni


Payday Program

If you are interested in nominating a staff/faculty member that has made a difference in your life and deserves to be recognized please fill out the Payday Program form.