Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association dues have a direct impact on the students at our alma mater. Scholarships are a perfect example as to how the Alumni Association continues to give back. The number of scholarships that the Alumni Association offers will grow as our membership increases. However, all donations of any resource is welcome in addition to your loyalty as a member of the association.

The scholarships include:

Alice Bost-Johnstone Scholarship - $1,500/yr
  • Immediate family member of a Cal Poly Pomona or CSU alumna/us
  • Open to all majors & class levels

Alumni Leadership - $1,500/yr
  • Involved in campus and community leadership and outreach
  • Full-time student
  • Open to all majors & class levels
  • California resident

Alumni Merit Scholarship - $1,500/yr
  • Open to all majors
  • Sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students
  • One letter of recommendation from a Cal Poly Pomona alumna/us
  • California resident

Hydra Flow Engineering Scholarship - $1,500/yr

  • Involved in campus and community leadership and outreach
  • Full-time student
  • Open to Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering majors
  • Open to Sophomores and Juniors
  • California resident

Susan Dove Memorial Scholarship - $3,500/yr

Susan Dove

  • Must be a student who exemplifies leadership and community service
  • Must be a full time student
  • Open to all majors & class levels
  • Minimum GPA:  3.0

The Dr. Ernie Simpson Cooperative Education Scholarship - $1,000/yr

  • Open to freshmen and sophomores
  • Student does not currently have and has not previously participated in a co-op or internship position while attending Cal Poly Pomona
  • Student is not currently working at job that is significantly related to his/her major
  • Preference may be given to students with an immediate family member who participated in Dr. Simpson's co-op program

Alumni Association Outstanding Student Leadership - $2,000/yr

  • Open to all class level students who hold a position in ASI (Associated Students, Inc.), a chartered campus club or organization, or are involved in athletics
  • Submit a one page statement outlining how your leadership position will assist you in preparing for your future life objectives and the goals you would like your organization to achieve.

Hilda Solis Scholarship-Multiple awards in the amount of $2,000

  • Open to freshman, sophomores, and juniors
  • Open to all majors
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Contributions to the Latin community

Applicants for the above scholarships must meet the following:

  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Must be enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona in 2018-2019
  • Full-time attendance for period of award
  • General scholarship application criteria applies
For Application, please visit the Cal Poly Pomona Financial Aid website

Application deadline for all the Alumni Association & Dr. Simpson’s Scholarship is March 1, 2019.