Asian Pacific Faculty Staff Student Association (APFSSA)

June 3, 2020

A Letter to the APFSSA Family

Dear APFSSA Family,

Our hearts are heavy because of the continued police brutality and racial injustice in this country.

As immigrants, children of immigrants, refugees and descendants of refugees, as survivors of war and genocide, many of us are unsettlingly familiar with state-sanctioned and white supremacist violence. Although we can never fully understand what it means to be Black, our struggles and fight for liberation are inextricably tied. With great love, we stand in solidarity with our Black students, colleagues, family members, friends, and neighbors to fight the systemic racism embedded in the foundation and history of this country.

We affirm that Black Lives Matter and would like to use this platform to share things you can do at this time to contribute to the fight, if you are able:

For a list of further educational content, visit Cal Poly Pomona’s Inclusive Excellence Resource Page, compiled by Inclusive CPP.

In Solidarity,

Christy Orgeta, Kayla Y. Kosaki, Thavery S. Lay, Michael T. Giang, Won Choi