Cal Poly Pomona’s Football Team

Football Jersey front and side view
Football Jersey front and side view.
football team photo 1962
Team photo from 1962.
photo of a game in progress

Cal Poly Pomona has witnessed the death of many athletic programs from the 1980s to the present. Some programs that were cut include football (1982), softball (1993), and tennis (2010). The lack of funding was the primary reason for cutting these programs. Many blame the passing of Proposition 13 as one of reasons for the defunding of the football team. Cutting the football team saved the University around $200,000. In 2010, Cal Poly Pomona took a $30.8 million budget cut, forcing them to cut the tennis program. The women's tennis team had won four NCAA National Championships. The track and field in front of you was once home to Cal Poly Pomona’s own football team.

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