Engineering the Past

Engineering building (9)

When the first 11 engineering students graduated in 1960, they could not have imagined the opportunities afforded to students today.

Celebrating its 'golden anniversary' in 2008, perhaps no other college at Cal Poly Pomona has better epitomized the “learning by doing” philosophy of the university than the College of Engineering. With seven departments and 11 majors taking students from the laboratory to the racetrack, one in every 14 engineers within the state of California are Cal Poly Pomona graduates.

In 1968 – only a decade after the college's inception – the engineering program led the state in undergraduate enrollment for chemical, industrial, electrical, and civil engineering. This feat is even more notable when considering that chemical engineering had been offered as a major only a few years prior.

Actively engaging students through special projects, clubs, and activities has long been a part of the college. Fixed and rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicles, Formula and Baja race cars, and even a submarine have been incorporated into student learning.