The W.K. Kellogg Airport

Army in front of the old stables

You are now standing in what was the W.K. Kellogg Airport runway. The airport was in operation from only 1928 to 1932. It occupied 22 acres and had  a runway measuring 450 feet by 2,300 feet, making it the largest privately built and maintained airport in the country at the time. Aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh flew over the ranch and the Pomona Fairgrounds on Sept. 21, 1927.

This is an aerial view of the airport with Arabian Horse Stables in the lower left-hand corner. The letters at each end of the field read: W.K.KELLOGG AIRPORT - HOME OF THE ARABIAN HORSE. The letters were formed by setting whitewashed stones in a trench. A 100 foot circle indicates the center of the field. (Photo from the Pomona Public Library)

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