The Pignapping

Mullions and the pig news paper article about the pig

From an early Cal Poly Pomona publication, “Cal Poly Spotlight.”
On October 29, 1969, four students from Claremont Men’s College (known today as Claremont McKenna College since women are now admitted) who were pledging a fraternity were ordered to “go get a pig.” They headed for the Swine Unit. While they were walking with gunnysacks in hands near the pigpens, they attracted the attention of the farm manager, Bob Mullion.

Mullions heard a 60-day-old porker squeal as the students hustled him into their station wagon. He followed them in his pickup truck and forced them to the side of the road. The pledger explained that it was an initiation prank, but Mullion took them and the pig to a Cal Poly Pomona security officer who called the sheriff’s department. Because stealing a pig is covered by the California Penal Code, Section 487, which carries a one to 10 year term for grand theft, the students were booked and spent the night in the City of Industry sheriff’s substations lockup. After officers from the livestock detail heard the explanation about the initiation prank they recommended that the case be dropped, the district attorney’s office agreed.

The students learned a valuable lesion – never trust a pig because they are born squealers.