Cal Poly Pomona

Graduate Program in Aerospace Engineering

 Master of Science in Engineering
with emphasis in
Aerospace Engineering
offered by
College of Engineering
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
at the
Lancaster University Center

The College of Engineering at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona or CPP) offers an MS in Engineering with emphasis in Aerospace Engineering (MSE_AE) degree program at the Lancaster University Center. The Program which started in the Fall quarter 2007 has received WASC approval. Courses are taught in person, some by Cal Poly Pomona Engineering faculty and some by adjunct engineers/scientist from the local aerospace community in Antelope Valley. Admission requirements for the program are*:

  • B.S. in Aerospace or Mechanical engineering from an ABET accredited institution received within the last 5 years.
  • GPA in upper-division undergraduate courses in Math, Science and Engineering needs be ~3.0 or higher.
  • If B.S. received from non-ABET institution or prior to 5 years ago or lower GPA than ~3.0, but higher than ~2.85, then GRE test score (quantitative + verbal) of at least 301 is required. 


For additional information about the program contact the Chairman of the Aerospace Engineering Department at Cal Poly Pomona, Dr. Ali R. Ahmadi at 909-869-4314 or
Required coursework for the program is listed below.


Master of Science in Engineering
with emphasis in
Aerospace Engineering
Required Coursework
Minimum of 45 Quarter Units


Required Coursework

If you have not had an UG course in Gas Dynamics or Low-Speed Aerodynamics, you must take ARO 311 and ARO 305 first.  They do not count towards the required 45 units, but are prerequisites for some of your graduate courses below

ARO 305        Low-Speed Aerodynamics (4)
ARO 311        Gas Dynamics (3)


If you have not had these in your BS degree, you can take up to 8 units of these 400-level UG courses and use them as technical electives towards the required 45 units:

ARO 405        Aircraft Stability and Control (4)
ARO 414        Rocket Propulsion (4)
ARO 436        Mechanics of Composite Materials (4)


Take 2 of the following graduate mathematics courses (8 units): only EGR 511 and EGR 512 are offered at the Lancaster University Center, others are offered on Cal Poly Pomona campus.

EGR 509         Advanced Differential Equations (4)
EGR 511         Numerical Modeling (4)
EGR 512         Vector Analysis and Complex Variables (4)
EGR 513         Engineering Tensor Analysis (4)
EGR 515         Matrix Methods in Engineering (4)


Take all of these graduate core courses (20 units):

ARO 506        Aerospace Structures (4)
ARO 509        Spaceflight Mechanics (4) – used to be called Astronautics
ARO 510        Airbreathing Propulsion Systems (4)
ARO 577        Aerodynamics of Wings and Bodies (4) – used to be called ARO 516
ARO 578        Aircraft Stability (4)


Select four technical electives (16 units):

ARO 508        Finite Element Analysis of Structures (4)
ARO 514        Missile Engineering (4)
ARO 518        Computational Fluid Dynamics (4)
ARO 521        Structural Dynamics (4)
ARO 528        Hypersonic Aerodynamics (4)
ARO 614        Aircraft and Spacecraft Design (4)
EGR 599         Optimal Control and Estimation (4) – new course
EGR 599         Robust Control of Nonlinear Systems (4) – new course
EGR 599         Digital Flight Control Systems (4) – new course
EGR 599         Aircraft System Identification (4) – new course
EGR 599         Systems Engineering for Aerospace Engineers (4) – new course


Terminal Requirement:  2 units minimum: start with EGR 692, continue with EGR 691.

EGR 692         Master’s Degree Project (2)
EGR 691         Directed Study (2)


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