BallotBox is a web application developed by Cal Poly Pomona IT Web Development.  This application is a tool that's available for Campus to host online elections. Please contact IT Service Desk for any questions or comments.

Introducing BallotBox

What is BallotBox?

BallotBox is a web application developed by IT Web Development. It was originally intended to administer online elections for the Academic Senate, but it is flexible enough to administer other elections, too. The web application itself is written in Microsoft ASP.Net, and the database is in Oracle.

BallotBox is secure

BallotBox identifies you by your BroncoName and BroncoPassword

No one can impersonate you and vote in your place unless they steal your password. BallotBox is as secure in this regard as your email or BroncoDirect.

BallotBox uses encrypted communication between your browser and the server...

...just like banks do, or BroncoDirect. No one can intercept or change your vote as it crosses the network.

BallotBox stores your vote on an encrypted, enterprise-quality Oracle database

Election information is as safeguarded as the information on BroncoDirect.

BallotBox contains safeguards to detect election tampering

Even if someone were to compromise the database and change votes, the break-in would be detected and in most cases the original votes could be restored. (Just as burning a box of paper ballots destroys the votes, there are circumstances in which the electronic votes in BallotBox could be destroyed.)

BallotBox is confidential

When you vote in a civil election, your name is checked off a list of registered voters, to make sure you are eligible to vote and that you only vote once. BallotBox works the same way: When you vote, your identification is encrypted by a method in which it can't be decrypted and used only to verify whether you have voted before. There is no way that anyone, even the administrators of the system, can find out who you voted for.

More information

For more information about BallotBox, please contact us.