Steps for Career Development Fee Waiver

Please contact Janet Cain, Employee Fee Waiver Coordinator, Human Resource Services, so your eligibility for Employee Fee Waiver participation along with your eligibility to participate in an Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP) can be verified, then follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1 - Apply for Admission to the University

You will need to Apply for Admission to the University and that is a separate process from applying for an Employee Fee Waiver to reduce fees. Fee Waiver eligibility/approval does not guarantee admission to the university.

Applying for admission is a competitive process, so when applying you are encouraged to pay the $55 application fee in a timely manner and request reimbursement. If you are a Cal Poly Pomona employee, request reimbursement by submitting an Employee Fee Waiver Application (PDF) to Cal Poly Pomona's Human Resources Department, CLA Building 98, Room B1-20. Write in "Requesting Application Fee Refund" in the course section of the form. You do not need management line approval to request this refund. If you apply to multiple programs, please be aware that only one of the application fees may be refunded. Employees of other CSU campuses must contact your respective campus Employee Fee Waiver Coordinator for information on the forms and requirements of your campus for requesting the reimbursement at Cal Poly Pomona.

Admissions Information:

For Cal Poly Pomona Admissions information, visit:

If you are instead applying for admission to another CSU campus, please visit their admissions/enrollment services site for information and timelines.

Note: Orientation fees are not covered by the Employee Fee Waiver & Reduction Program.

Step 2 - Submit Your Approved Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP)

Once you have received notice of your admission to the university, please complete and submit your Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP) for review and approval. You will need to obtain your management line approvals for your ICDP. Once you have obtained these approvals, please retain a photocopy of the plan for your records, and submit the completed plan to Human Resource Services, CLA Building 98, Room B1-20.  You will receive an e-mail to confirm both receipt and the status of the Employee Fee Waiver Coordinator's review of the document submitted.

Step 3 - Complete and Submit Employee Fee Waiver Application

Attending Cal Poly Pomona
If you are to attend Cal Poly Pomona, you will need to submit your approved Employee Fee Waiver Applications for each quarter by the timeline posted on our website (typically this is the last day of the pre-registration period) to Cal Poly Pomona Human Resources Department.  Course information should be included at this time and your management line must approve the waiver.

Attending Another CSU Campus
If you are to attend another CSU campus, you will need to submit your approved Employee Fee Waiver Application to the Cal Poly Pomona Human Resources Department at least two weeks in advance of the waiver deadline at your campus of attendance. Note: Campuses may not accept late waivers, so it is very important to submit your waiver form with sufficient processing and turn around time.

Step4 - Register for Your Selected Courses

You will need to complete paperwork to update us and/or request approval for any changes, should you need to add or drop courses.

Step 5 - Pay Fee Balance by the Deadline

The reduction in fees is applied by Cashiers after the close of the pre-registration period, or if you are late registering it is applied after the close of the late registration period. Please make sure you pay your balance due by the deadline to pay fees to avoid having your classes purged.


Cal Poly Pomona Employee Fee Waiver Coordinator :

Janet Cain, Analyst
Human Resource Services
Telephone:  909-869-3727