Medical insurance coverage for benefits eligible CSU employees is administered by the California Public Employee's Retirement System (CalPERS). CalPERS offers a choice between several different insurance plans, including HMO and PPO plan options.  Coverage is available to active employees and their eligible dependents, with the majority of the premiums paid by the CSU.

Following are some resources and information to assist you in choosing and enrolling in a medical plan:

  • To find medical plans available in your area go to the CalPERS Health Plan Search by Zip Code
  • View monthly Health Plan Rates (premiums) 2018, 2019
  • Review the Health Plan Benefit Summary (copays and limits) 2018
  • Also available is a Health Plan Guide for your reference.
  • Need help choosing a medical plan? Try the CalPERS Health Plan Chooser.
  • Use Provider Phone/Website List to contact providers for more information.
  • When you have made your choice, fill out the Enrollment Worksheet (log-in with CPP credentials) and Declaration of Health Coverage (PDF).  If enrolling any dependents, you will need to provide each dependent's Social Security Number, a copy of marriage certificate if enrolling a spouse, a copy of Domestic Partnership certification if enrolling a Domestic Partner, and birth certificates for dependent children.
  • Documentation may be uploaded to PolyDocs or submitted to the Benefits Office. 

Effective Date of Coverage – If you enroll on or before the last day of the pay period in which you are appointed, the effective date of medical coverage will be the first day of the following month.   

Enrollment Period – You have 60 calendar days from your appointment date to enroll in benefits.

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Employees select a primary care physician who coordinates all care including referral to specialists.

  • Dedicated to delivering quality care and great value
  • Both plans offer 360° Health, a program that helps members become involved in their health and wellness
  • For more information, call (855) 839-4524 or visit their website at
  • Individual practice plan where the employee must use contracted doctors/hospitals designated on plan lists for all services. To find a doctor, go to Blue Shield CA. Click on “Find a provider,” then click on “Select your plan.” Select "CalPERS" from the drop down menu. Under "Select a sub plan" select "CalPERS Access+ HMO." Here you can find a doctor by specialty, name or location.
  • Local HMO plan serving residents of San Diego
  • Commitment to healthcare delivered in a convenient and cost-effective manner
  • For more information, call (855) 995-5004 or visit the website at
  • Quality patient-centered healthcare at lower costs
  • Distinct network of providers offers collaborative care and health management
  • For more information, call (877) 359-3714 or visit the website at

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  • Search for a doctor by going to Select "Find a Doctor" and select your plan. In the "Select a Provider Type" drop down menu choose the provider type you are looking for. Now you can choose a specialty or indicate “No Preference” and “Next.” In the last section you can type in your address and/or zip code and search for providers.
  • The new PERS Select plan will change co-pays for primary care, specialist. and urgent care; award credits to reduce your annual deductible; eliminate hospital tiering, so you can access any hospital in your network at one coinsurance rate; eliminate coinsurance for inpatient delivery, after enrollment in the Healthy Mom's program.
  • PERS Select is a California ONLY PPO plan (not a national or worldwide plan) Search for a doctor by going to
  • Deductible increased in 2019 to $1,000 Individual or $2,000 Family.
  • 5 Credits available to reduce the decutible to $500 Individual or $1,000 Family (Biometric Screening, Condition Care, Flu Shot, Second Opinion, Smoking Cessation).

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