Retirement Programs

The CSU provides a number of retirement benefits, including retirement income, medical and dental coverage, and voluntary retirement savings opportunities to help you build a financially secure future.

California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) is the State of California’s retirement system in which the California State University (CSU) participates. CalPERS is a defined-benefit retirement plan and it is coordinated with Social Security.  Employees are automatically enrolled if appointed:

  • Full-time for a period that exceeds six months
  • Half-time averaging 20 hours per week for one year or longer
  • Half-time (7.5 units) or more for 3 consecutive quarters.

Employees who are members of the CalPERS system are in the “State Miscellaneous, First Tier” plan or one of the Public Safety plans, depending on classification.

Retirement benefits are calculated using a defined formula rather than contributions and earnings to a savings plan. The member's years of service credit, age at retirement, and final compensation are used in the formula. Retirement formulas vary based on the member's occupation and their CalPERS membership date. Visit the CSYou webpage for additional details at: (requires log in using your Cal Poly Pomona Bronco User Name and Password)

Part Time Retirement Plan

The PST Employees Retirement Program is a mandatory retirement savings program authorized by federal law for  employees who are not covered by a retirement system. Savings Plus, part of the California Department of Human Resources, administers the PST Program for California State employees and California State University employees.

If you're a State or CSU employee who is not covered by Social Security and you're excluded from coverage under CalPERS, you're automatically enrolled in the PST Program. The program deducts a portion of your wages and deposits it in an account for you, allowing you to build retirement savings. It's set up as a 457 Plan, a type of retirement savings plan governed by IRS rules.  CSU Part Time Retirement Plan

Voluntary Supplemental Retirement Savings Program