Brita Olson, Ph.D.           

Office:   9-415
Phone:  (909) 869-2652
Office: 9-415
Office Hours (Spring 2018): MW: 12-1pm, T 1-4pm


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Pspice tutorials
Cadence IC design tutorials
Chip Design info


Semester Conversion Resources:
Blanket Memo Summary
Unit Count Worksheet Instructions

CpE program unit count worksheets:
Quarter curriculum
Semester curriculum

EE program unit count worksheets:
Quarter curriculum
Semester curriculum

Chip Design Senior Project:
Technical resources
128x128 CMOS Camera-on-a-Chip submitted!
Layout showing names of contributors

CPP1 Chip Specifications


Research Interests
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I would like to thank the entire Cal Poly Pomona Community for their assistance and support.

Additionally I wish to thank the following companies their generous donations

Forza Silicon
Epoxy Technology
Texas Instruments

and the following individuals for their invaluable input and assistance:

Clemi Boubli
Dr. Elaine Chapin
Mike Fitzsimmons
Dr. Justin Hodiak
Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen

Dr. Barmak Mansoorian - Forza Silicon
Dr. Danial Van Blerkom - Forza Silicon
Dr. John Ryan

Dolores Olson