ECE Department Senior Project Information

Faculty Advisors and Projects for Senior Projects starting Fall 2013

Application Deadline: Friday 5th week or the week that you have enrolled in 325/320. We would like to see proof of enrollment of required courses.

Application Form: page1 & page 2

Prerequisites: GPA > 2.0, Attempt at GWT, ECE341/L

Prerequisites or Corequisite : ECE320 or ECE325

Flow Chart showing application and enrollment procedures for Senior Projects

Sample resume (from Professor Cockrum)

Frequently Asked Questions (not on the flow chart)

Where do I get an Application? In the ECE Department office and online (Sample resumes can be found online too)

How do I find a Senior Project Team? It is your responsibility to find a senior project advisor.  A list of advisors and topics will be posted by Dr. Olson’s Office (9-415).  Act quickly to get your first choice.

What if I do not have the prerequisites now, and the course I am missing is not offered or I am unable to take it? Apply.  A committee will review the applications on a case by case basis.  On rare occasions they will waive the prerequisites to seniors close to graduating for compelling reasons. Such applicants should additionally turn in a flow chart with their application indicating courses completed with a X and courses in progress with a /.

Can I choose my own topic? Some advisors accept student initiated topics.  See the list of advisors to determine which ones.

May I switch advisors?
After an advisor has signed a contract, you may not switch

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Last Modified: March 9, 2012