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Get the book

The telephone book is generated every morning before 7:00 a.m., and will contain corrections from the previous day.

  • Complete Telephone Book The date on the contents page indicates when the data were pulled from Bronco411. If you only need a portion of the directory printed, please select and print the pages you need from Acrobat Reader.

  • Telephone System Instructions (these were previously included in the phone book)

  • For printable maps of campus, see Campus Maps. A map is no longer included in the phone book because different users have different map needs

  • Get Acrobat Reader

My information is wrong!

If you would like to update your own information, go to My Control Panel and select the Directory tab. If you are updating information for another user or a group, please go to the update form. It requires a login so we know who's asking to change your information.

How to print your campus phone book

To print the complete version of the Phone Book, click on Complete Telephone Book. If you have access to a printer that has a duplex printing function, you can print a double-sided copy. Otherwise, you can print it single-sided and then make a double-sided version on a copier that has a one-sided to two-sided function. The cover graphic is a separate file, so that you can print it on cover stock if you wish. Telephone System Instructions and the campus map are now also separate files. For best results, de-select both print-to-fit and center on page.

"Hard copies" available from Graphic Communications Services

To place an order for Campus Telephone Directories, please use a standard Graphic Communications Services Work Request form, F- 694. Be sure to indicate the number of Telephone Directories required and desired version in the special instructions section of the form. For additional information regarding the printing of the Campus Telephone Directories, please contact Tierney Tait, Graphic Communications Services, at extension 6843.

Note - Departments will be charged for copies requested through Graphic Communications Services.