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Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE)

How We Help

The following services are available through eLearning. Use our request form to solicit any of our services.

Professional Development

We offer a calendar of workshops, programs, events, and faculty learning communities. You can request a program on a specific topic of interest for your group, department, or college.

We offer private consultations about a variety of issues in faculty life: navigating the faculty career, finding mentors and collaborators, RTP and evaluation, making sense of student feedback, understanding what’s happening in your classroom, finding time to write, or pretty much anything else you want to talk about.

We can observe your class or dip into your online materials and give private, helpful feedback. We can give suggestions for good resources.

Contact Victoria Bhavsar (vbhavsar@cpp.edu)



Instructional Design

  • Do you plan to (re)design your face-to-face course into a hybrid, flipped or online format?
  • Are you interested in integrating active learning strategies into your course?
  • Do you have questions about how to create accessible course content?
  • Is there a concept that is particularly difficult for your students to understand?
  • Are you looking for best proven practices to integrate pedagogy using technology into your course?
  • Do you have a new teaching idea that you would like to discuss?

Consider a consultation with one of our instructional designers!

When you team up with an experienced instructional designer we ensure that your new or redesigned course or module meets your learning objectives. Guided by the "ADDIE" process, we will find solutions based on research in teaching, learning, and design. Consideration of accessibility for all learners, including students with disabilities, is emphasized in every project. We will work with you to incorporate current and appropriate technology, and when applicable, we'll partner with other campus resources to meet your goals.

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Multimedia Development

Multimedia Development enhances instruction in any format. Project types might include interactive multimedia, animation, infographics, and more.

Our goal is to create innovative solutions that enhance learning, while attending to accessibility and universal design for all learners.

Take a look at the Multimedia Learning Objects Repository to get ideas and to see if an object might be of use in your course. We developed these objects in collaboration with Cal Poly Pomona faculty. We add several new objects each year.

Universal design plus javasript plus HTML 5 plus multimedia developer plus ID plus SME

Request Multimedia Development Visit Learning Objects Repository



CoRe Projects

Our Course Redesign (CoRe) Projects Program is a call for proposals for significant course (re)design and multimedia projects.

The CoRe Projects concept moves the instructional design process from a single-issue approach to a whole-course method, following standards that reflect current academic research on effective learning. We envision that CoRe will lead to improved learning because of greater student engagement, lower repeatable grade rates, better accessibility for all students, and more satisfaction for your teaching.

The 2020 CoRe Request for Projects has now ended please stay tuned for the next call for project proposals.

Submit CoRe Project Proposal Visit CoRe Projects Website



Engaging the Digital Student Summer Institute

CAFE's Engaging the Digital Student Summer Institute (EDSI) is a four-day, intensive learning experience offered in the week following commencement each year. Any faculty member, full or part-time, is eligible to attend. We focus on the effective use of technology to create excellent learning experiences for all students. Look for announcements every year about the specific program for that year's EDSI.

Visit EDSI Website