CPU 1100: Career & Personal Exploration

CPU 1100 is a 2 unit course offered in the Fall and Spring semesters and is designed to provide students with the essential tools and strategies needed for exploring career options, making decisions about their education and career field, and connecting student's interests with the world of work.

By the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of the career planning process. 
  • Assess interests, strengths, skills, values and personal style and relate them to academic majors and occupational choices.
  • Know how to locate and utilize a variety of occupational resources that can be used for career exploration and job search.
  • Make informed decisions about academic major and career choice and use what they have learned to continue to work towards their career goals.

Following are comments from students who have taken the class:

"...this class was a great experience and I believe it should be mandatory for every student...Now I am clearer on who I am as a person and how to use my strengths to my advantage. I also have a better picture of my values, skills, and interests which has motivated me to really find a career that I will love."

"Taking my friend's advice in enrolling into this course was one of the great choices I made this year. It really helped me find myself again and reassure me that the skills and strengths I have can help and guide me to be a successful individual and feel like I belong in college."

"....I came into this class undeclared and not knowing what I wanted to do, and I feel like now I'm leaving a declared student and I feel 100% satisfied with my choice."

Please contact the Career Center at (909) 869-2342, or David Craig at dwcraig@cpp.edu for more information.