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Salary Information

The NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) Salary Survey comes out quarterly and is available in the Career Center Resource Library. The following employers account for the greatest number of job offers and the average salary for Bachelor Degree candidates.  

Agricultural Business Management $40,675
Accounting  $47,982
Business Administration/Management $45,200
Chemical Engineering $65,142
Civil Engineering $52,605
Communications  $34,129
Computer Science      $61,205
Electrical/Electronics Engineering $59,074
Elementary Teacher Education  $35,033
Finance $49,607
Marketing/ Marketing Management $42,499
Mechanical Engineering $58,392
Clothing/Apparel/Textile Studies $45,120
Psychology $35,005
Construction Science Management $52,837



The salary negotiation phase of the job search, although necessary is probably the most frightening aspect for young professionals.


Remember that the employer is not offering you a salary based on your personal financial needs.

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