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OCI Quiz

Students are required to complete the OCI quiz before permitted to participate in the OCI Program. The quiz will ensure students understand the program procedures and guidelines for the On Campus Interviewing Program.

Students are required to submit their resume to the employer for review. The employer will extend invitations to interview to those students they are interested in
Students may schedule an interview without the employer's consent
Employers will call their most desired candidates and extend interviews
Employers are open to walk-in interviews; no scheduling required
Students who qualify can immediately choose a time on an interview schedule, with no pre-screening by employer
Employers are open to all majors
Selecting On-Campus Interviews from the drop down menu on the Jobs page
Visiting your Home page, clicking on the Quick Link, then Campus Interviews I Qualify For
Either of the above
Select an interview time posted in BroncoConnection
Save their resume to the BroncoConnection
Call the employer
Incorrect information may prevent you from qualifying for an interview
You may lose your BroncoConnection privilege if you do not update your profile
You do not need to update profile information quarterly, but yearly
The student may interview with the employer on another date of their choice
The student will lose their privilege to participate in the On-Campus Interview Program
The student can beg the Recruiting Coordinator with chocolate and be allowed to continue participation in the On-Campus Interview program until the end of the quarter