Strategic Plan

Goal 1. Advance Academic Programs: Attract and Retain High-Performing Students and Strengthen the Overall Student Experience


1.1 Continue curricular innovation in content and delivery.

1.2 Grow and add additional Centers of Excellence in the College in support of the disciplines.

1.3 Explore and develop international opportunities and affiliations as appropriate.

1.4 Broadly communicate the advantages of the CBA’s “Learn by Doing” education to students.

1.5 Leverage the University’s proximity to Los Angeles and the region and the integration of opportunities it provides for academics and student life.

1.6 Increase student scholarships to attract and retain high performing students.

1.7 Enhance outreach efforts with local area high schools and community colleges. Particular focus should be placed on feeder institutions.

1.8 Enhance student advising experiences in the Student Success Center

1.9 Increase opportunities to build freshman affinity with the College.

1.10 Strengthen College community.

1.11 Strengthen the integration, where appropriate, between undergraduate and graduate programs to retain high-performing students.

Goal 2. Strengthen Graduate Education


2.1 Increase student enrollment and qualifications in current graduate programs.

2.2 Increase faculty participation in graduate programs.

2.3 Assess currency of the curriculum, against peer and top-ranked programs.

2.4 Strengthen student learning assessment for graduate programs. Particularly in the area of “closing the loop” using the data collected.

2.5 Track time to degree completion and graduation employment status.

2.6 Increase the number of graduate program offerings in the College.

2.7 Increase the number of certificate programs offered.

2.8 Assess satisfaction CBA graduate student experience.

Goal 3. Strengthen Undergraduate Education


3.1 Assure currency and relevancy of curriculum.

3.2 Strengthen student learning through the assessment of undergraduate programs.

3.3 Engage more faculty in the curricular improvement process.

3.4 Strengthen operationalization of polytechnic philosophy by growing departmental internship programs.

3.5 Increase student involvement in club activities.

3.6 Develop participation in honors programs and increase participation in international programs.

3.7 Improve student employment and career opportunities and improve the communication of these opportunities.

3.8 Assess satisfaction with CBA undergraduate student experience.

Goal 4. Recruit, Develop, and Retain Qualified in Support of High Quality Academic Program


4.1 Departmental strategic plans, linked to college plan, in support of growth and academics strength.

4.2 Support research and scholarships and its continuous quality improvement.

4.3 Support faculty professional development activities.

4.4 Provide developmental opportunities in support of teaching.

4.5 Recognize research, teaching, and service excellence.

Goal 5. Attract, Develop, and Retain High Performing Staff Members


5.1 Implement a comprehensive approach to improve processes and systems that emphasizes the need for clear and accurate communication.

5.2 Emphasize training opportunities for staff.

5.3 Broaden recognition programs.

5.4 Increase interaction between staff and faculty.

Goal 6. Attract, Develop and Retain CBA Leaders with a Long-Term Commitment to the College


6.1 Promote excellence in central College leadership.

6.2 Promote excellence in departmental leadership.

6.3 Engage larger numbers of faculty in college service activities to involve them in shaping the direction of the College.

Goal 7. Develop Active College-Level and Department-Level Boards


7.1 Establish a Dean’s Executive Advisory Council to provide strategic advice to the Dean and the College.

7.2 Each department, center, and the graduate program, will establish an advisory board.

7.3 Strengthen the CBA Alumni Association Board and Association.

Goal 8. Emphasize External Funding Development College-wide


8.1 Complete funding on the new building complex.

8.2 Complete or build on funding priorities as outlined in the CBA Development Plan

8.3 Strengthen annual giving program.

Goal 9. Develop and Publicize the CBA Brand


9.1 Develop and implement a strategic communications plan that highlights the College’s distinctiveness and defines its brand.  

9.2 Increase media mentions of CBA activities.

9.3 Increase the number of events and activities to reinforce our brand to business and alumni.

9.4 Increase the use of electronic and social media.

9.5 Develop a Communications Committee