FRL Department Events

1/11/2018:       CME Stock competition presentation U- Hour 163-1005

1/18/2018:       SMIF informational meeting U- Hour 163-1005

1/26/2018:       Careers in Finance Series: A Day as a Corporate Financial Manager at Rockport Healthcare

2/1/2018:       CFA Investment Research Challenge Mock presentation U- Hour 163-1005

2/6/2018:         Accounting/Finance Research Seminar Series: “The Wealth Effects of Merger and Acquisition Announcements on Bondholders: New Evidence from the Over-the-Counter Market”

by Dr. Alex Wei Wu, U-Hour 164-2033

2/9/2018:         CFA Investment Research Challenge Competition, Chapman University

2/15/2018:       Careers in Finance Series: How to Write a Professional Resume and Prepare for an Interview

4/7-4/8/2018:  ARGUS Training

4/20/2018:      CFAOC SMIF Quarterly Update 

5/10/2018:      Careers in Finance Series: Essential Skills for a Career in Insurance

5/17/2018:      SMIF informational meeting U- Hour 163-1005

6/1/2018:        FRL Alumni Network

9/13/2018:       FRL Change of Major Meeting U-Hour 164-2033

10/9/2018:      Accounting/Finance Research Seminar Series: “Liquidity Imbalance in Residential Housing in                                                   Rising and Declining Markets” by Dr. Ekaterina Chernobai

11/1/2018:      SMIF informational meeting U- Hour 163-1015

11/27/2018:      SMIF presentation U- Hour 163-1015

11/29/2018:       FRL Change of Major Meeting U-Hour 164-2033

11/30/2018:      SMIF competition, UC Irvine