Scholarships & Financial Aid

Cal Poly Pomona’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships assists our graduate students with their financial aid needs.  If students are in need of financial assistance for their graduate students, they are encouraged to contact the CPP Office of Financial Aid.

On-Campus Assistance

Bronco Scholarship Application (BSA)-Academicworks

The Bronco Scholarship Application (BSA) is used by the colleges, departments, clubs, and offices throughout campus.  Any student who has applied to or attends Cal Poly Pomona can apply for scholarships using the BSA.  Announcement of scholarship applications are typically announced in spring, but you can search College of Business specific scholarships by searching “CBA.”


A grant awarded to graduate students who have paid the Professional Program Fee and applied for the FAFSA.  Funds are awarded on a quarterly/semester basis. 

California College Fee Waiver-CAVSO

The CFW program benefits the spouse and children of U.S. veterans who are California residents.  Qualified students may have their college state fees waived if they attend a California State University campus.  Applications for this program should be submitted to your local county Veterans Services Office.

Mercer Scholarship-Scholarships

Scott Mercer, ’76 accounting alumni, will provide full tuition and fees every year for graduate students who were prior Mercer Scholarship recipients in their undergraduate business program at Cal Poly, provided they take a full course load and maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average.


Off-Campus Assistance

Scholarships that do not require US citizenship-Graduate resources

Scholarships for Women in MBA programs-Scholarship resources

AAUW Career Development Grants-Professions and Fellowships

The American Association of Women offers scholarships to women who are working toward their MBA.  The winners of the scholarship are determined by quality of the application, the student’s academic background, and financial needs.

Accenture American Indian Scholarship-Graduate Fellowships

This scholarship is awarded to American Indians or natives of Alaska who are MBA graduate students in need of financial assistance.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s Scholar-Intern Program

This program is awarded to Hispanic Americans, Mexican Americans, and Puerto Rican women who are pursuing their MBA.  It provides a one-time scholarship amount along with a paid internship. 

Prospanica Scholarship-Guidelines

Master’s degree students are eligible for $2000-$5000 scholarships if they are US/permanent residents, of Hispanic/Latino Heritage, have a 2.75 GBA in combination with two years of full-time work experience, and a Prospanica membership.