Dr. Jing Hu

Dr. Jing Hu is a professor of marketing at Cal Poly Pomona. She received her Ph.D. in marketing from New Mexico State University. She has research interests in consumer decision making, branding and cross-cultural consumer behavior, and she has published widely in such journals as Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Product and Brand Management, Consumption Markets & Culture, and Journal of Marketing Education, as well as academic conference proceedings. She received a “Highly Commended” Award from the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013. She served as an interim chair in the summer and fall of 2012. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Hu worked in the field of international business and marketing research. Currently she also works as consultant for local businesses in the social media marketing field.

Selected Publications

  • Ma, Zhongming, Jie Tao, and Jing Hu (2017), “The Dynamics of Wikipedia Article Revisions: An Analysis of Revision Activities and Patterns,” International Journal of Data Mining, Modelling and Management, 9(4), 298-314.
  • Liu, Xin, Jing Hu, and Bing Xu (2017), “Does eWOM Matter to Brand Extension? An Examination of the Impact of Online Reviews on Brand Extension Evaluations,” Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 11(3), 232-245.
  • Ackerman, David, and Jing Hu (2017), “Assuring me that it is as ‘Good as New’ just makes me think about how someone else used it. Examining consumer reaction toward marketer-provided information about secondhand goods,” Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 16(3), 233-241.
  • Hu, Jing, Tommy E. Whittler and Kelly Tian (2013), “Resisting Immigrant Myths: Everyday Consumer Practices of Asian Immigrants in America,” Consumption Markets & Culture, 16(2), 169-195.
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  • Liu, Xin, and Jing Hu (2012), "Adolescent Evaluations of Brand Extensions: The Influence of Reference Group," Psychology & Marketing, 29 (2), 98-106.
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  • Ackerman, David, Jing Hu, and Liyuan Wei (2009), “Confucius, Cars, and Big Government: Impact of Government Involvement in Business on Consumer Perceptions under Confucianism,” Journal of Business Ethics, 88, 473-482.