Dr. Juanita Roxas

Dr. Roxas is the department chair and professor of international business and marketing at Cal Poly Pomona. She received her Ph.D. (major in marketing and minor in international business) from the University of Georgia (1992). Her research interests include cross-cultural studies in consumer behavior, interactive marketing and international marketing strategy. She has published in such journals as the International Marketing Review, Journal of Advertising Education, Competition Forum andJournal of Global Marketing. She is a member of the graduate faculty and teaches courses in the areas of Global Marketing Strategy, International Marketing, Marketing Research, Services Marketing and Marketing Management. Dr. Roxas also serves as academic adviser for students majoring in international business. Moreover, she is the recipient of two prestigious awards in the College of Business Administration: Faculty of the Year (2007) and Advisor of the Year (2010).

Selected publications

  • Debbora Whitson, Ozkaya, H. Erkan, Juanita Roxas (Forthcoming), “Changes in Consumer Segments and Preferences to Green Labeling” International Journal of Consumer Studies.
  • Helena Czepiec, Frank Bryant, Juanita Roxas and Debbora Whitson (2012), “Teaching Students How To Create Viral Advertising/Marketing: A Case Study,” Journal of Advertising Education, 16 (1).
  • Jun Myers, Helena Czepiec, Juanita Roxas and Debbora Whitson (2011), “Teaching Students Self Advertising/Marketing Skills in the Age of Social Media: Designing An Experiential Exercise,” Journal of Advertising Education, 15 (1), 23-29.
  • Juanita P. Roxas and Sandra M. Huszagh (1996), “Adjusting to Economic Change in Developing Countries,” Journal of Global Marketing, 9 (3).
  • Sandra M. Huszagh, Juanita P. Roxas and Kay L. Keck (1992), “Marketing Practices in the Changing Philippine Macroeconomic Environment,” International Marketing Review, 9 (1), 32-43.