Nelson Pizarro

Professor Nelson Pizzaro

Department: Entrepreneurship
Phone: (909) 869-2347
Location: 164-3063 
Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Nelson Pizarro, received his DBA in Business Administration at Grenoble Ecole of Management, France. He also received an MBA from the University of Florida and a BBA from Washington State University. His primary research interest is opportunity finding, entrepreneurship education and sustainability in organizations. Dr. Pizarro has published in journals, such as Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, New England Journal of Entrepreneurship and Economies et sociétés, He helped start up 6 companies including business consulting, consumer electronics, consumer electronics refurbishing, and automatic vehicle location systems. In April of 2012, he launched EcoStatic Inc. He has done business in 46 countries. He also has experience in a corporate environment working for multinational companies such Brother International and Uniden. In the government sector, he worked for Americorps as a full-time volunteer, Miami Dade Community College, and at the City of Gainesville, FL, as the Small and Minority Business Development Coordinator. Currently, he teaches full time at Cal Poly Pomona entrepreneurship courses. When he is not teaching he meditates, practice yoga and bikes.
Selected publications:
Pizarro, N. (2016). An Integrated Model of Employee Adoption. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, 19 (1), 53.
Pizarro, N. (2014). An institutional and pedagogical model that fosters entrepreneurial mindset among college students. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 17 (2), 143.
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