Trayan Kushev

Trayan Kushev
Department: Entrepreneurship
Phone: (909) 869-5328
Location: 164-3057
Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Research and Teaching Interest:

Dr. Kushev received his Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville in 2014. He also received an MBA from the University of California, Riverside in 2010 and a BBA in Finance/Accounting from Valdosta State University in 2007. Dr. Kushev has experience working with both profit and non-profit startups as well as consulting for startups. His research studies the decision-making and cognitive processes of entrepreneurs engaging in the entrepreneurial process. Dr. Kushev's research has been published in journals, such as the International Entrepreneurship & Management Journal and the Journal of Entrepreneurship, and books, such as Contemporary Perspectives on Technological Innovation, Management and Policy, Vol. 3.

Selected publications

Kushev, T.N., Ahuja, M., & Carter, R.E. (forthcoming). A Social Cognitive Perspective on Opportunity Evaluation. Journal of Entrepreneurship.

Ma, D., Mattingly, E.S., Kushev, T.N., & Ahuja, M. (forthcoming). Familial Commitment and Entrepreneurial Persistence: It’s Not Just about the Money. Journal of Entrepreneurship.

Mattingly, E.S., Kushev, T.N., Ahuja, M., & Ma, D. (2016). Switch or Persevere? The Effects of Experience and Metacognition on Persistence Decisions. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.

Mattingly, E.S., Kushev, T.N. (2016). Most New Businesses Fail, but Mine Won’t…Right? Journal of Entrepreneurship, 25(1), 70-88.

Kushev, T.N., Mueller, J.M. (2017). Patents and Performance: The Case of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the United States. In B. Ran (Ed.), Technological Innovation Networks: Collaboration and Partnership. Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.

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