NASACPP Business Startup Program

NASA-CPP President’s Discovery Award

On Wednesday, May 16th, 2018, NASA-CPP Business Startup Program was recognized by Cal Poly Pomona President Coley and Provost Alva at the RSCA Scholar Recognition. Cal Poly Pomona’s Learn Through Discovery Program selects individuals to represent as President Discovery Fellows. Through this program, individuals will learn to apply the knowledge they obtain from inside the classroom to real-life situations. Students receive hands-on experience ranging from identifying a need and conducting research on that need, to proposing a research-based innovation solving issues based on the need.

NASA-CPP has actively engaged in this program and recognized itself as President’s Discovery Fellows by working on a project intended to increase interest in STEM-related fields and careers. After a thorough review, the judging committee was impressed with the potential impact of BioScope and its project plan. Therefore, BioScope was recently awarded $7000 of funding through the Learn Through Discovery Program. Achieving the award gives NASA-CPP astounding recognition because out of a large pool of excellent candidates, the Learn Through Discovery Program only selects 10 projects to be awarded.