Classroom Set to Receive Technology Makeover

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A room where Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration students take a popular upper-division course is scheduled for its first major renovation in more than 20 years.

Room 6-122 is the home of BUS 495, a course where up to 35 students per section study strategic management. Technology upgrades including flat panel displays and lecture-recording devices will be predominately funded by $100,000 from the Lottery Funding for Instructional Space Improvements.

The bulk of the upgrades revolve around promoting collaboration, in-person as well as remotely. For example, the Extron SMP 351 media processor was selected based on its ability to record up to five input signals while simultaneously uploading the live stream in two different resolutions.

In-person interaction will be encouraged through collaborative tables equipped with a resident PC and laptop inputs. The instructor can choose to show any screen or signal on one of the 65-inch displays planned for the east and west walls or the high-definition projector broadcasting to a motorized screen on the north wall.

Helping bring remote viewers into the classrooms will be north- and south-facing cameras along with a webcam pointing directly at the lectern. Microphones at the lectern and each collaborative table will send sound to the internet and a 100-watt, 70-volt amplifier powering two wall-mounted loudspeakers.

Installation of the new equipment is expected to begin early 2018 and conclude before students return in fall.