Afters Ice Cream Founders Address CBA Club


The Milky Bun is a warm doughnut cut in half, then served with choice of ice cream and toppings. It’s why Afters Ice Cream has gone from a single shop in a Fountain Valley strip mall to a seven-store chain in less than two years.

Behind Afters Ice Cream are Andy Nguyen and Scott Nghiem, childhood friends that spent their 20s involved with multiple business ventures before hitting it big with the Milky Bun. The two recently spoke to Poly Founders, a College of Business Administration club that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.

“A lot of the students here, they’re trying to figure out what they want to do,” Nguyen says. “I think [Poly Founders] is great; you get academics which are very important, but you also get to learn about creating something for yourself outside of school.”

Nguyen says that he gets more fulfilment sharing his stories with young entrepreneurs than he does making money. He spoke to Poly Founders free of charge.

During the presentation, the two shared mistakes, successes and advice with club members. They also provided a taste of what the future may hold as Afters Ice Cream expects to grow to 15 locations by the end of 2016.

“One of the things we love to do is promote innovative products,” Poly Founders president Simal Adenwala says. “They’re very aligned with students and millennials and it shows in the way they expanded.”

The Milky Bun has become a social media sensation, with the hashtag #AftersIceCream filling up Instagram and Twitter feeds. It took Adenwala three months to get the dessert moguls to the CBA, but he says he felt inviting younger entrepreneurs would really resonate with students.

“They were in our shoes not that long ago,” Adenwala says. “It’s really important to bring in these people from the community and support their businesses.”