Marketing Organization Leaves 'Nola With National Recognitions

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Nearly a year of preparation paid off for a group of marketing management students traveling to New Orleans to compete against peers from the nation’s top colleges.

Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration’s student chapter of the American Marketing Association sent 14 members to the organization’s three-day gathering where they received top honors in the exhibit display competition and for organizing a series week if marketing-centric events during the fall 2016 quarter.

“It was the first time we participated in the exhibit competition and didn’t expect to win,” says AMA chapter president and marketing management major Candace Erie. “Our goal now is to let classmates know how big an event it is and what it means to do well in New Orleans”

According to the AMA’s website, the organization for marketing professionals formed in 1937 grew to 30,000 members as of 2012. Along with 76 professional chapters, AMA has affiliates at 250 colleges and almost all of them attend the student portion of its annual event.

Members of the CBA’s chapter built an exhibit based off the popular television series, “Stranger Things.” Obtaining entrance and prizes into the exclusive area required correctly answering questions related to marketing concepts as well as completing activities embracing the theme of “Power in Connections.”

Erie says it was required of any AMA member making the trip from Southern California to participate in at least one competition. Contests ranged from visual-based exercises like the booth building to tests of technical knowledge.

“It’s a mixer of marketing minds from all over the country and you get to see how you stack up,” says Anthony Flach, AMA’s external vice president. “Preparing for the competition, you work with professors and build a closer relationship. You gain insight not offered inside of the classroom.”

Flach says that in the months leading up to the trip they received guidance from members of the IBM faculty. Professor Kristen Schiele coached marketing management students Jay Singh and Jessica Saavedra with the Marketing Strategy Competition and professor Michael Assumma helped Jared Hawley with the Perfect Pitch Sales Competition.

The CBA’s AMA chapter was also honored for organizing a campus, “Marketing Week,” in the fall 2016 quarter. Students had to submit a paper outlining the week’s activities and how they helped promote AMA and its mission.

An award-winning week of events included a marketing strategy competition, community service at Matt’s Run, fundraiser barbeque to raise AMA awareness and a social night at the movies.

“A lot of the first-time attendees said they want to do even better next year in the competitions and make more of an impact at Cal Poly Pomona,” Erie says. “It’s a great experience just to go, but it’s also motivation to get better.”

2017 AMA Collegiate Conference Team

Crystal Kim
Anthony Flach
Candace Erie
Jessica Saavedra
Jay Singh
Jared Hawley
Eric Nurwono
Elyse Houlgate
Jonathan Lizardi
Alexander Sotelo
Ghrenda Ramos
Emiyah Cannon
Elaine Yu
David Pena