OMS Gets Logistics Lesson From Alumnus


It takes longer for a warehouse worker to grab a package from a bottom shelf than it does eye-level shelf and Steve Carr (’12, technology and operations management) can tell you why.

As a senior consultant for supply chain consulting firm enVista, Carr’s job is to help warehouses increase efficiency using its labor management and warehouse management software.

“There’s much more to [labor management software] than what you learn in undergrad,” said Carr as he addressed technology and operations management students from the College of Business Administration.

Carr returned to Cal Poly Pomona October 11 for the Operations Management Society’s first workshop of the year to talk about enVista, a tool implemented in more than 150 warehouses in the past five years takes everything into accounting - down to the additional time it takes to bend over to reach items on bottom shelves.

Although the presentation focused primarily on enVista, Carr discussed the logistics profession in general and how he maintains a healthy work-life balance while constantly on the road as a consultant.

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