Professor Putting International Business and Marketing Management In Multiple National Spotlights

Professor H. Erkan Ozkaya

He has been the students' choice for International Business and Marketing department faculty of the year College of Business Administration Recognition Night dating back to spring 2014 and now he is receiving recognition on a national level.

It has been a hallmark year for H. Erkan Ozkaya, Ph.D. beginning with the acceptance of an article he co-authored to the top international business journal. On the night of Aug. 30, he will stand on stage with two other Cal Poly Pomona professors to accept and award for the university’s partnership with the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center.

Ozkaya became the first CBA faculty member to have research published in “The Journal of International Business Studies.” He and co-authors Markus Taube and Martin Heinberg have secured a spot in an upcoming issue of the journal with their paper, “The influence of global and local iconic brand positioning on advertising persuasion in an emerging market setting."

“I hope this will help us communicate our international business expertise in our graduate and undergraduate programs,” Ozkaya says. “It is an A-level journal with an impact factor of 3.620.”

Somewhere between balancing a full teaching load and producing high-quality research, Ozkaya found time to take create a role as founding director of the NASA – Cal Poly Pomona Business Startup Program under the NASA – CPP partnership.

The NASA Business Startup Program gives students no-upfront-cost access to licensing and use of patented NASA technology for commercial use. Among the students Ozkaya assisted is a group that applied proprietary technology derived from an airplane prop in the development of a house fan requiring a fraction of the electricity consumed by traditional blade designs.

When Ozkaya attends the Federal Laboratory Consortium’s annual dinner, he will be joined by NASA Armstrong’s Laura Fobel, Innovation Lab director Olukemi Sawyerr and the College of Engineering’s Winny Dong, Ph.D. where the group will accept FLC’s Far West Regional Award for Outstanding Partnership – 2017.

The FLC was organized in 1974 and formally chartered by the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 to promote and strengthen technology transfer nationwide.