Realtor Selling His Way Toward FRL Degree

John Tomines stands in front of an Ontario, CA home with its new owners


Home ownership is an important landmark on the route to achieving the American Dream and watching it happen can be emotional.

“I remember when my family bought their first home,” Finance, Real Estate and Law student at Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Business Administration John Tomines said. “The look on my mom’s and dad’s face when the salesperson handed them the keys... From then on, I decided to be a person that guides and ensures that people achieve their goals in real estate.”

Not one for waiting, Tomines already established himself as a full-time real estate salesperson before transferring to the CBA. A peek at his Instagram page reveals a social media timeline much different from that of a stereotypical college student.

Rather than screenshots of dramatic relationship messages, Tomines captures positive customer feedback and shares it with his followers. Instead of squad photos at the hottest club, he prefers images from client lunches. Music festival pictures are replaced by home listings.

Balancing a full-time career with a full course load takes juggling. Tomines says the hours spent on campus, on the road, and with clients makes for extremely, buy days but he looks to campus resources for assistance.

“As a full-time student and a full-time Real Estate Salesperson, I needed to be on schedule or my schedule will run me,” Tomines said. “The Student Success Center helped me mapped out a way to make both worlds work. Dario heard out my concerns and answered all of my questions.”

As for post-graduation plans? Don’t expect an industry change following Commencement. Tomines also doesn’t want to look too far ahead of the short-term goal.

“It could be tough when you do it alone, but the college, my mentors, and friends have helped me to stay on track,” he said.