Ruth Guthrie to Serve as CBA Interim Associate Dean


The College of Business Administration has announced Ruth Guthrie will join its administrative team as Interim Associate Dean, effective September 1.

Guthrie joined the CBA in 1998 as a professor in the Computer Information Systems department and served as department chair from 2007 to 2010. She also had a 2010-2013 stint as an Academic Senator.

“There were things I ran into in senate, as a department chair and as a faculty member that I thought maybe I could have a positive impact on as Interim Associate Dean,” Guthrie says.

Along with teaching programming, senior project and web development courses, Guthrie also teaches user experience. Guthrie recently won a SPICE grant to organize the adoption of a free text for Management Information Systems. The result was an annual savings of $167,000 for students.

Currently, Guthrie's YouTube channel has 497 subscribers.  Her most popular video is on Porter’s 5 Force model, with 150,000 views, two-thirds of which is from foreign countries.

Guthrie gained 12 years of experience in the aerospace industry while working in software development and program management at Aerojet ElectroSystems before it was acquired by Northrop Grumman. She has authored journal articles on CIS curriculum and technology case studies along with several textbooks on Web development.

“It’s hard to publish with intensive teaching and a massive service load, but it’s important to me,” Guthrie says. “You can think of a novel idea, express that to your discipline and get feedback.”

A substantial part of Guthrie’s research has looked at the disparity of women in professional technology positions. She published an eBook titled, “Profiles of Women in Information Technology” and is currently working with 5 undergraduate women in CIS honored as Avanade scholarship recipients.

Prior to becoming a professor at Cal Poly Pomona, Guthrie earned a doctorate in information sciences at Claremont with a master’s in statistics from USC and bachelor’s in mathematics from Claremont McKenna College. As one of two Associate Deans for the College of Business Administration, Guthrie will be dealing primarily with undergraduate affairs.

In her free time, the longtime La Verne resident says she regularly runs into other faculty members and students at Stater Brothers market, Bonelli Park, the Claremont Bike Trail or Claremont High School football games. Much of her leisure time is spent outdoors.

“I wear my Bronco shirt when I’m at the wilderness park and people will say to me, ‘That’s a great school,’” Guthrie says. “When you run into graduates or people with a connection to Cal Poly Pomona, they all have great things to say about it, because we give them something awesome.”