Marketing Management Students 18 for 18 On Social Media Certification

Hootsuite Certificate Seal

A group of Marketing Management students were recently added to a popular social media software company’s directory of certified professionals after an entire class passed the qualifying exam.

Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration professor Gregg Arends made receiving a Hootsuite Social Media Platform Certification a requirement to pass his IBM-499 social media marketing class with all 18 students successfully earning the distinction.

“I sincerely believe that in today's marketplace for marketing talent, this is an invaluable tool that offers true differentiation from many other marketing candidates,” Arends says. “Hootsuite was chosen because it is one of the most widely used software platforms to manage multi-platform social media marketing.”

Hootsuite is a dashboard that schedules, monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns. Hootsuite provided its online learning tools and exam -- normally $99 -- to the students at no charge.

According to Arends, as part of the class, students paired off to manage their own mock business content and advertising across the major social media platforms for eight weeks. Students were asked to develop a comprehensive social media strategy for their mock businesses with fresh content posted daily while incorporating Hootsuite as a resource.

The Hootsuite website lists what the comes with the certification including:

  • Industry-recognized certification that demonstrates your expertise with the world’s most-used social media management platform to clients and employers. 
  • A permanent online certificate to showcase Hootsuite expertise that linkable to from blog, website, or any other online profile. 
  • Listing in the Hootsuite Certified Professionals Directory, which helps brands and employers find talented social media professionals.