IBM Professors Have a Busy Summer of Research

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While students were enjoying the summer break, faculty from the College of Business Administration's International Business and Marketing Management departments were busy presenting and publishing research. Here are the highlights:

Jae Min Jung, Kristen Schiele, Anthony Kim, Jing Hu, Xin Liu

Conference acceptances:

  • Jae Min Jung, Kristen R Schiele, Anthony Kim, Jing Hu, Xin Liu had paper accepted to Marketing Edge Summit in October 2017: "How Does Culture Shape Social Media Use and Influences in Terms of Seven Functional Blocks of Social Media?"
    Jae Min Jung, Kristen R Schiele, Anthony Kim, Jing Hu, Xin Liu had paper accepted to Cross-cultural research conference in December 2017: "Impact of Culture on Social Media Use and Influences: Through the Lens of Hofstede’s Five Cultural Dimensions”.

Lin Ong

Conference presentations:

  • Ong, L. Lin, Casey Newmeyer (Case Western), Stefanie Tignor (Northeastern) and Laurel Aynne Cook (WVU), “Consequences of Consumer Financial Vulnerability,” Transformative Consumer Research, June 2017, Ithaca, NY.
    Ong, L. Lin, Shulist, Patrick (Ivey) and Slade Shantz, Angelique (York University) “Modifying measurement scales for use in contexts of poverty,” Academy of Management Conference, August 2017, Atlanta, GA.

Other accomplishment:

  • Spoke at the New Faculty Orientation this fall

Erkan Ozkaya


  • Heinberg Martin, H. Erkan Ozkaya, Markus Taube, (2017) "The influence of brand positioning strategies on advertising effectiveness:  How local iconic and global brands act as sources of advertising communication" Journal of International Business Studies
    Heinberg Martin, H. Erkan Ozkaya, Markus Taube, (Forthcoming) " Do corporate image and reputation drive brand equity in India and China? - Similarities and differences" Journal of Business Research

NASA – CPP Business Startup Program

  • Received Outstanding Partnership Award, Federal Laboratory Consortium Far West Regional 2017 (For collaboration between the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center and NASA-CPP Business Startup Program on technology commercialization projects)
  • Received Venture Well E-Teams Grant, AY 2017-2018, $5,000 for Project Fantom to use in prototyping and training (preparing for applying to the second stage of the grant)
  • Invited as a plenary speaker to AACSB Co-Lab: Connecting Business Schools with Practice Conference (2017) at UC Berkeley to discuss this program at the Showcasing Success: Creating and Managing Partnerships session.
  • Projects received $12,500 prototyping funding in competitions
  • Bronco Startup Challenge 2017 1st place, $10,000 (Business pitch competition, Project StraightUp)
  • Bronco Startup Challenge 2017 3rd place, $1,500 (Business pitch competition, Project BioScope)
  • Bronco Arena 1st place 2017, 1st place, $1,000 (Business concept competition, Project Fantom)


  • Selected to lead the Faculty Development in International Marketing workshop at the Georgia State University, Center of International Business Education and Research, International Business Pedagogy Workshops, 2017. 
    Instructional Innovation Grant 2017


  • Selected as the Marketing Strategy Track Chair for, Academy of Marketing Science Conference, May 2019