Accounting Professor Selected for Prestigious IRS Council

Headshot of Professor Fisk

A faculty member of Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Business Administration is the latest addition to an elite group of taxation experts that provide the Internal Revenue Service with policy-shaping input from the public.

Accounting professor Sharyn Fisk was one of five new members selected to the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC,) a group established in 1953 the IRS Commissioner and division leadership turn to for feedback.

“If there was an issue before, I could write to someone in the IRS or a taxpayer advocate with no guarantees it would make it all the way up the chain,” Fisk says. “To be working inside the IRS and present issues directly is phenomenal.”

Members of the 20-person IRSAC are unpaid volunteers serving three-year terms. Fisk will specialize in tax administration problems pertaining to small businesses and the self-employed. 

Prior to joining the College of Business Administration faculty, Fisk represented individuals and closely-held entities in controversies throughout the U.S. with respect to federal and state taxes.

“The IRS only picks five in the nation so it’s a great reflection on Cal Poly Pomona and the type of faculty we have here,” Fisk says. “They in essence vet and bounce ideas off us to incorporate into the decision-making process.”

Fisk is a member of the State Bar of California, where she has served as chair of the Tax Policy & Legislation Committee. She is also a member of the American Bar Association’s Standards of Tax Practice Committee, Taxation Section and is the current chair of the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Executive Committee, Taxation Section.