Martha Guarnett Set to Retire in February



Please join me in extending best wishes to our very own, Martha Guarnett, who will be retiring Feb. 12, 2016 after 29 years of service to Cal Poly Pomona.

She began her extensive CPP career on Dec. 3, 1987 as an employment secretary in Human Resources.

Three years later, Martha got her first taste of the CBA after accepting a position in the accounting department. She spent a year in accounting before transferring to the Faculty Support Center, where she has remained for the past 25 years.

Martha has plans to volunteer in her grandchildren's classrooms at least once a week and will play the rest of her retirement by ear.

In addition to a grandson and granddaughter, Martha has a daughter and a son that she looks forward to spending more time with the extra 40+ hours a week she’ll have free.

A fan of performing home improvement projects and traveling, Martha is excited to have more time to do both upon her departure from CPP.

Martha says that in her position of administrative support coordinator for the technology support center she enjoys the opportunity to interact with various staff and faculty – the one thing she will miss most when she leaves.

She has many fond memories of her time here, but the one that always makes her laugh is the time that she arrived to work in the morning to find a rat on top of her desk eating an apple!

Martha screamed for help and with the assistance of the custodian, the two were successfully able to lure the rat back outside, laughing and screaming during the entire process.

The GBA director at the time could not believe what was happening, so as a joke the very next day, Martha left an apple along with a photo of a rat on his desk. When he saw what she had done, the two laughed so hard they were near tears.

This story is a perfect example of what we will miss most about our Martha: Her sense of humor, ability to go with the flow and contagious laugh have brightened so many days.

Martha, you are irreplaceable and you will be missed dearly. Thank you for your 29 years of dedicated service and we all sincerely hope you enjoy your retirement- you certainly deserve it.