Meet the Latest Additions to the CBA Faculty


Randy Stein

With a doctorate in social psychology from Yale University and industry experience at Lieberman Research Worldwide scouring advanced analytics for Fortune 500 companies, Randy Stein brings a strong mix of formal education and real-world experience to the College of Business Administration. His specialization in social influence and non-conscious process in consumer decision making also brings a new dynamic to the marketing department, where Stein is also an advisor for the Marketing Research Club.

Stein says his ultimate teaching goal is to provide students with critical thinking skills. Because marketing is always changing and all of its ideas are up for debate, Stein prioritizes teaching students how to analyze concepts’ strengths and weaknesses over teaching terms and definitions. He previously taught at Cal Poly Pomona before being impressed with the campus and students enough to want to join the faculty full-time.


Sean Zeng

E-business and operations management are global topics. Holding a bachelor’s in automation and a master’s in computer science from China’s Tsinghua University as well as a doctorate in management from the University of Arizona, Sean Zeng is familiar with globalization. His teaching interests in operation management and information systems also line up perfectly in his role as full-time professor with the CBA’s technology and operations management department.

When it comes to spoken languages, Zeng is fluent in English and Chinese while his proficiency in Java, C++ and SQL makes him trilingual in programming languages. He has co-authored an article on user-generated content within social media predicting market success as well as a book that examines contractual details of agreements between owners of a revenue-generating unit and a service provider in a framework of principal-agent economic model.


Mohammad Salehan

There is a testimonial on Mohammad Salehan’s LinkedIn page that says he, “is the smartest person I have had the privilege to work with.” In his short time as a full-time professor with the computer information systems department, Salehan is quickly showing why he is held in such high regard by former colleagues. A holder of a bachelor’s in computer engineering, MBA with a concentration in information systems and a doctorate in information systems from the University of North Texas, Salehan worked as a software developer for five years before joining the College of Business Administration.

Salehan says he was drawn to Cal Poly Pomona because of the computer information systems department’s reputation for being very technology-oriented along with an interest in starting a business analytics track. He believes that doing is an essential part of learning and assigns several projects during each quarter designed to prepare his students for a successful career. Salehan enjoys gaming on a mobile platform and studies success stories of the most popular downloads.


Kristen Schiele

While earning her doctorate in marketing from University of California, Irvine, Kristen Schiele used more than 10 years of marketing experience with companies like Fit for Green, The Irvine Company and Susan’s Healthy Gourmet to help teach classes at the College of Business Administration as an adjunct professor. During that time, Schiele says she realized the university philosophy was in line with her own teaching philosophy and made the jump to full-time faculty member this year.

Schiele likes to focus her classes on critical thinking and creative problem solving. Each class session is designed to include a hands-on activity after the lecture so students can immediately apply the theories they just learned to solve a problem. When she’s not presenting research or contributing articles to numerous marketing journals, Schiele can be found creating Lego masterpieces with her two-year-old son.


Hector Flores

According to Hector Flores, Intel may have never moved into the processor market without important input from middle management. During his time earning an MBA from Columbia and a doctorate in strategic management from University of Massachusetts Amherst, Flores often focused on the overlooked role middle management has in a company’s success. He says he loves teaching more than research and is excited to bring years of practical experience to students in the management and human resources department.